Started boxing age 17

Sohail came over to England from Afghanistan as young child without his parents or family. He lived in care and every day of his life growing up was a struggle.
Nothing was ever given to Sohail and he used his considerable intelligence to develop a tenacious work ethic. Martial Arts is where Sohail found an outlet to channel his energy and quickly became a talented Taekwondo fighter.
It was not until he started boxing that he truly found his calling in life. For Sohail, boxing is an expression where every last move is calculated. He uses his intelligence to manoeuvre himself into position and unleash his blistering speed.
Sohail never forgets where he came from and has a deep rooted kindness that shines through in his smile that would light up any room.

Brand: ShowStar

Believe – Inspire – Dedication

For me, the fans are the most important part of boxing. They spend their hard earned money following me up and down the country cheering me on at every fight. I am forever grateful for the wonderful support u have. Boxing is an entertainment sport which is why as an athlete, I have a duty not just to win but to also entertain the public – especially those who are close to my heart. The Showstar brand is a combination of two ideologies coming together.
My Mother always told me if you shout for the moon and miss, you will always land in the stars. This combined with my love for creating entertainment for the fans was where Showstar was born.

Giving back

I came from nothing. As a young boy, I had to learn to fend for myself. This made my decision to leave my country very tough. I now have this relentless desire in me to help others who are struggling in life.
Without the people who have been kind to me, my friends and supporters – I would not be to able to enjoy the life that I live. For this reason, it is vital for me to help others. We are all as one on this world so my main passion in life is to inspire our future generations that no matter how hard life gets, anything can be achieved with desire, faith and action.